Sharks and Minnows
This drill focuses on the U6 and U8 player and their ability to dribble out of pressure. This drill can be used to focus on the player using their body to protect the ball by placing their body in between the ball and the defender.
Soccer Drill contributed by: Chris Johnson

Soccer Drill Info:
This is for ages U6, U8. Run this soccer drill with at least 4 players but no more than 16. This soccer drill should last approximately 20 minutes on a small field. Make sure you have the following equipment: cones, alternate jersey.

Soccer Drill Diagram

Build a grid approximately 20X25 yards this field should be adjusted based based on the skill level and number of players participating. Each player should have a ball except for 2 sharks.

The players with balls (the minnows) attempt to protect their ball from the two "Sharks". The Sharks attempt to gain possession and knock the minnows (ball) out of the grid. Once this happens, the minnow can run around the grid once and return to the game. Each minnow has two changes, and the last 2 minnows remaining become the sharks in the next round.


* Players only use left foot to dribble.
* Players use outside of feet to dribble.
* Players use sole of feet to dribble.

Coaching Points:

* Keep the dribblers under control and not paniced once the sharks get near them.
* Inform players to keep the ball close within playing distance.

Technical Dribbling, Technical Turning, Technical Shielding
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