Scrimmage Games Essential
Officiating scrimmage games is for new referees as practice is for players,
as oxygen is to breathing. Let's end hit or miss training for new referees, put stability and predictability into their training and development. Supervised scrimmage games by qualified soccer league referee mentors creates the perfect laboratory in which theory is fused into the art of officiating. Players and coaches have practices & game time to improve their skills. Why not the same thing for soccer referees?

Officiating in supervised scrimmage games is the life-line, so to speak, for newly licensed referees. Getting games used to be the mantra for learning how to be a good referee. Today, with creative Mentoring efforts in hand, getting supervised scrimmage games is the new mantra. At, we take it one step further, get Mentor-supervised, in-the-game scrimmage and regular season games.

Players don't just show up once a week in uniform to play on game day...they practice 1-2-3 times during the week. New Soccer Referees Adapt Quickly To Mentoring Input

Let's end hit or miss training for new referees. An organized and published schedule of pre-season and some regular season scrimmage games will create predictability and stability in their learning curve. Without such stability, training and development occurs on a hit or miss basis.

Some leagues require a minimum number of assigned scrimmage games before giving new referees regular season games. Some leagues are thinking of non-paid assignments for new referees; some offer partial game rate pay. Some leagues offer full game rate pay for mentors. Still others pay a little more.

Local leagues that host licensing classes, can you coordinate with your coaches to create pre-season and early season scrimmage games? Can you create a scrimmage game or two to occur within the licensing class itself, thus graduating new referees with at least one(1) game behind them before reporting for work?
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