This drill should be used with younger players (U6 and U8) to introduce dribbling, looking up and properly striking the ball ball at a target. AND IT's FUN!
Soccer Drill contributed by: Chris Johnson

Soccer Drill Info:
This is for ages U6, U8. Run this soccer drill with at least 2 players but no more than 20. This soccer drill should last approximately 15 minutes on a small field. Make sure you have the following equipment: cones, .

Soccer Drill Diagram

Build a grid 20X30 (may adjust if too large or small). Every player must be in the grid with a ball.

The coach jogs around in the grid and players try to kick their balls and hit the coach. The players get a point each time they hit the coach. The coach should yell OUCH eah time they are hit to make the game FUN.', '* Make sure the players are striking the ball with the proper part of the foot.

* If the players are struggling to hit the coach, the coach should stop for a couple seconds to give the players a chance.
* Use different parts of the foot: Inside, Instep, Right and Left foot.

Coaching Points:

Technical Dribbling, Technical Passing
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