Dribbling warmup
This soccer drill is a great warm-up drill that allows players to work on touching the ball with all parts of the foot. If you want to improve players footwork and dribbling skills this is a good start to each practice.
Soccer Drill contributed by: Chris Johnson

Soccer Drill Info:
This is for ages U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16. Run this soccer drill with at least 3 players but no more than 18. This soccer drill should last approximately 15 minutes on a small field. Make sure you have the following equipment: cones, .

Soccer Drill Diagram

Either use the center circle of the field or build you a circle with cones. Each player needs to have a ball and start inside the circle.


1. Have players dribble anyway they want inside the circle as long as they are using both feet for 2 minutes.
2. Have the players juggle for 1 minute using feet only trying to alternate from right to left.
3. Have players dribble with inside and outside of each foot with the following pattern: right foot - inside, outside, inside, outside then switch to left foot inside, outside, inside, outside and continue to switch feet. Do this for 2 minutes.
4. Have players juggle with their thighs and feet for 1 minute. Again instruct players to switch feet while juggling.
5. Have players work on cuts and turns. The players should be instructed to cut the ball quickly and have a short sprint after cutting or turning the ball. Make sure players are exploring with inside and outside of the foot cuts and staying with the ball when they cut. Do this for 2 minutes.
6. Now instruct the players to juggle again. This time juggle with the feet and pop the ball to the chest and back down to the feet. Do this for 1 minute.
7. Now have players turn the pace up a notch and play full speed working on cuts, turns, and avoiding collisions. Push players to work hard for 1 minute straight.


Coaching Points:

* Make sure the player is constantly lifting their head and checking their surroundings. This will help players find space and avoid other players.
* Make sure players keep the ball close to them while in congested areas. This will help them move the ball more quickly to avoid other players and obstructions.
* Encourage players to use all parts of their feet while dribbling (inside, outside, top, bottom).

Technical Dribbling, Technical Deceptive Moves
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